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poppy, Comment for image # 3927705 Sep 17 04:47
Both my children and families live in Houston, all dry and safe, although destruction around them is huge. We got nothing of it in Dallas. Thanks for asking.
Don C, Image # 3929504 Sep 17 14:28

Air scoop done
Don C, Image # 3929404 Sep 17 14:23

Starting on cockpit.
Don C, Image # 3929304 Sep 17 14:22

Covered and tipped.
Don C, Image # 3929204 Sep 17 14:21

Finally got the 1/32 sheets.
Don C, Image # 3929104 Sep 17 13:30

Here's a decent copy. AT6 is obvious. Brian, thanks. I'll let you know.
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 3927703 Sep 17 15:11
Poppy. How did Harvey treat you and yours?
BriandKilby, Comment for image # 3928603 Sep 17 12:05
I've got the p51 in action by squadron signal, don. if you want I can send you some pictures.
Huey V77, Comment for image # 3928603 Sep 17 11:08
Yah, it's an AT6. I thought this was an A36 but they didn't have 20mm guns. This is a "A" model P51.
Don C, Comment for image # 3928603 Sep 17 10:59
Finger too quick on the button...Also no bomb racks and maybe the gun camera lens under the nose. Can anyone ID the one hiding behind the pitot tube?
Don C, Comment for image # 3927703 Sep 17 10:42
Good catch, Poppy! The P 51 had wing canons were dropped in the A. Just spent 1/2 hour digging and the Dazzle experiment apparently was with P51s, not P51As.
poppy, Comment for image # 3927703 Sep 17 04:44
The P-51 had 2 20mm cannons in each wing. I think it was just labeled as a P-51. British Mustang 1A according to Jane"s.
Don C, Comment for image # 3927702 Sep 17 13:17
From the 2 pictures I have found, yes and those just look cool. You know, that hare could turn around and bite me.
Creosotewind, Comment for image # 3927701 Sep 17 16:17
The "dazzle" is a cool finish. Plus, didn't those planes have the 20mm guns in their wings?
Don C, Comment for image # 3927729 Aug 17 15:29
Thank you, and that is correct. Thanks.There was no A model in the list so I suppose I should ask James to fix that. The plans are sort of ambiguous, but I just got a most wonderful Squadron book, "Walk around of Allison powered Mustangs". There were so many variations in the A model that I have several choices to make. There's a wild hair (or hare?) around that really likes the experimental "dazzle" camoflage design.
Creosotewind, Comment for image # 3927729 Aug 17 14:16
This looks really nice. As a point of information, the air scoop on the top shows this to be a P-51A, with an Allison engine. The -B/C models had the scoop under the chin, like the -D model, to fit the Packard Merlin engine. Some of the -A models were used as dive bombers, and some had machine guns that fired through the prop. Early on they were called "Apaches" before the "Mustang" name caught on.
Don C, Image # 3927727 Aug 17 17:12

A little fill and some sanding to go.
Don C, Image # 3927627 Aug 17 17:11

Don C, Image # 3927527 Aug 17 17:09

Control surfaces now fabric covered.
Don C, Comment for image # 3927427 Aug 17 11:55
Poppy - it makes for a great surface. Did you cover it with silkspan before or after? Or not at all? I'm thinking it would give it more strength.
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