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heywooood, Comment for image # 1068509 May 17 12:58
outstanding job on an historically crucial airplane!!! beautiful craftsmanship. It is part of the reward of this hobby I think, the information we collect over the years doing the reading and research on these subjects and the people who designed, built and flew them. Great work, John - a terrific scale model
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 1068501 Apr 15 20:56
I had forgotten about Zipcode the American DH4variant. I was afraid that I was remiss in my airscrew rotation. American DH4 aircraft use a Liberty engine and rotated anticlockwise viewed from the front. British DH 4 planes utilized a Rolls Royce Eagle power plant with a clockwise rotation. Learn some tidbits every day and I am happy to not have to rebuild airscrews. I had forgotten that I had fabricated a four bladed prop in the past. A mind is such a precious thing to lose!
deckape, Comment for image # 1068728 Aug 12 20:31
Ahoy John thanks My man I hope you are mending well and the old Gams are getting better so you can stand up and build. Yep I decided to make her a mail plane I like the post war civillian colors better then the military paint schedule. Boats
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 1068728 Aug 12 14:59
Boats, a Dumas DH-4 mail plane....what a great idea!
marlinus64, Comment for image # 1043631 Aug 10 00:13
Mr. Oshust, yesterday I had posted a question on one of your pics for this aircraft regarding the amount of time it took to sheet and/or plank a model versus just using tissue. I love the quality of finish you and the other pros get when using this technique and I would like to give it a whirl. I noticed that my comment made it to the home page for a moment and then vanished. I can no longer find the pic that it went with either. I thought I would mention this since it was one of your pics that disappeared from the site. Probably just a glitch with the website. Anyway, my question to you and the other fine folk on this site is how do you size and cut the planking and what kind of time is involved? I know Mr. Duckett answered a similar question some time back but I could not locate the post it was in. This site is great, everyone seems more than happy to share their ideas and techniques with each other and I think that makes for a very productive website. Ogromnoe Spasibo!
marlinus64, Comment for image # 1044330 Aug 10 11:54
I am slowly learning from looking at all these beautiful pics. I have noticed a common thread amongst the pros on this site, in that you, Mr. Duckett, Mr. Poppy, Scigs 30, and all the other master builders either use silkspan and/or planking/sheeting to cover your planes. These techniques obviously produce a higher quality surface to finish. What the pictures don't tell is how much time it takes to cover a model like this. So, if you don't mind, how long does it take to sheet a plane or fill in the spaces with planking? Is there a trick to cutting all those planks? I know Mr. Duckett spoke on how he does his planking, but I couldn't find the post. I have a gullow's hellcat and a Blackhawk Army Scout C/L to finish, but after they are done I want to tackle a planked or sheeted aircraft and would really appreciate any advice or tips you and the others here can offer. Ogromnoe Spasibo!
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 1064716 Apr 09 17:29
I found, what I guess you found, color an option of the pilot. This color is close to a reproduction DH-4 that I found on the net. Someone gave me a qt as a present, so I used it!
jdaawa, Comment for image # 1064716 Apr 09 10:36
I just looked around on the net and found the information I wanted. Thanks anyway! AWA
jdaawa, Comment for image # 1064716 Apr 09 09:23
I thought all mail planes were military colors. Is this purple correct? I plan to do a DH4 mail plane next and I hope this isn't the only color choice. Would you share your sources with me?
Brian Kostecki, Comment for image # 1068129 Jan 09 23:41
It's ready for the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum!
menu jr, Comment for image # 1068129 Jan 09 22:37
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 1068129 Jan 09 19:40
Moos...Thanks...I used a fair amount of piano wire and a great amount of time.
moostang51, Comment for image # 1068129 Jan 09 16:23
Ditto that. John your rigging work on this model is just tremendous and it accentuates a real gem of a bird. BRAVO!!
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 1068129 Jan 09 15:30
Thanks DD. If it had guns it would be number one in my book. Due to this, Schnitzel has the number one spot, at least until I start the Pfalz this evening.
David Duckett, Comment for image # 1068129 Jan 09 10:22
An awesome achievement! To my eyes, this is the best looking plane you've built.
wingspanner, Comment for image # 1068629 Jan 09 02:38
Crackin work john. Looks Great!!!!!
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 1068228 Jan 09 19:40
105....things go easier with experience.
JohnG., Comment for image # 1068228 Jan 09 18:55
Super, many hours in this one???
John M Oshust, Image # 1068728 Jan 09 18:39

Henry looks at the pipe and wonders how not to fry his eggs. Sorry ,I forgot this one!
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 1068328 Jan 09 18:32
Poppy...Thanks, it was the extra effort by the, evil , balsa eating cat, that made this build possible.
Build Thread, Page : [ 1 ]  2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  (176 posts, 20 posts per page, 9 pages in total) [ Next > ]