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Huey V77, Comment for image # 3990113 Feb 18 12:44
We ran across Aluminum once and a while. Mostly 909. The Belle is one of the only B17's that saw service during WWII. Because of the Belle, Bob Morgan became a Good friend.
Don C, Image # 3990113 Feb 18 10:47

Huey, in "07 I had a ride in EAA's Aluminum Overcast. Sitting here was one of the best moment I have had. However, after reading your comment I just sat and puoted for a while. What an experience!
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 3230817 Oct 17 20:29
Huey v77. I am envious. Bravo!
Huey V77, Comment for image # 3230817 Oct 17 19:10
I have to chime in. I spent 4 months on the road, back in "91" and "92", with "Memphis Belle". Worked for David Tallichet, touring the east. The movie "Memphis Belle" was on HBO, great advertising for us. Even got an hour in the left seat, from Atlanta to Birmingham. I should have written a book about it. Drank lots oh beer with many of WWII vets. Have hundreds of true story's told to me. Was an awesome time in my life.
hjlittman, Comment for image # 3230817 Oct 17 18:37
Superb model! Had a ride in one when I was a kid and my father worked at Wright Field. It was wonderfully huge and noisy. A few years ago Aluminum Overcast was at Van Nuys. I climbed aboard and was immediately impressed by how claustrophobic it was. It's amazing that all those young airmen took on long, cold, cramped missions in these things and kept on doing it! The president of one of the model clubs I belong to piloted 22 missions over Germany in one. Now in his 90s, I'm sure he has shrunk a bit but I can see that he was nowhere as large as I am even when he was a 20 year old lieutenant. I have met men who were over six feet tall in their youth who flew in B-17s. Amazing!
Don C, Comment for image # 3230817 Oct 17 13:20
I had a ride in the Aluminum Overcast of the EAA. I can't explain how much respect I have for the guys who took these into combat. Amazing!
Don C, Comment for image # 3230817 Oct 17 13:18
Thanks guys. This was my first attempt after 45 years. Probably my favorite. It was with the 63rd Squadron, 43rd Bomb Group in Port Moresby, New Guinea in 1943.
BriandKilby, Comment for image # 3230817 Oct 17 07:38
superb detailing don!
Don C, Comment for image # 3230716 Oct 17 14:27
Thanks Heywooood. First build in about 45 years and if not my favorite, it's # 2. The original flew out of Port Moresby, New Guinea in 1943, 43rd Bomb Group, 63rd Squadron. I got to fly in the EAA's Aluminum Overcast. Can't tell you how much I admire the guys who flew these.
heywooood, Comment for image # 3230716 Oct 17 11:16
Tremendous early Fortress! just beautiful Don!
heywooood, Comment for image # 3230816 Oct 17 11:14
can't look at them without thinking "Bandits!! 12 o'clock high!!"
lukebozek1, Comment for image # 3548430 Jan 16 15:26
You're a good man! Both with cats & kids. Everytime a college student gets a pet I know where they end up.
rgood, Comment for image # 3548330 Jan 16 12:13
Oh no! Still a nice little repair to keep you amused on long winter evenings Don!
Don C, Image # 3548430 Jan 16 11:02

The culprit, Barfy in his normal position in my workshop about 8 years after "The Incident", and 10 after my daughter asked us to babysit him for a couple of months. The namewxplains why he now lives in the shop instead of the house. Yet...he lives.
Don C, Image # 3548330 Jan 16 10:50

2.5 years to build. One week of hanging 7' in the air. Cat still managed to get it.
Don C, Comment for image # 3228121 Dec 15 13:00
Thanks, Brian. 6 1/2' as I recall. 1/16 scale. Back then I was 6', so I'm probably holding it off the ground a bit.
BriandKilby, Comment for image # 3228120 Dec 15 16:19
I like your b-17 don! about 7'?
Don C, Comment for image # 3233127 Sep 14 10:53
Thanks. That little Strombecker B-17 was the last one. Finished it over Christmas vacation 1960. Planes are mostly a winter thing now. Horses are more fun in the summer. Took a little time off this summer to rebuild some of my grandparents furniture. Pretty soon time to start on the C-46. We live about 25 miles south of Kalispell, MT. Still pretty much in the woods. Does your email still have to do with the 8A?
Lindy, Comment for image # 3233127 Sep 14 08:31
Well, I must say, you have not lost the touch over 45 years. I gave up on it because it became too much for me to tackle at that time in my life. Once I left the nest I never went back to it but my folks packed it up and took it with them when they moved. The plans were acquired from an ad in Flying Models magazine way back when. Where do you live now ? I live near Olympia Washington.
Don C, Comment for image # 3233126 Sep 14 00:46
The B-17 started me again after about 45 years. Hadn't built one since high school. Emigrated from Littlefork 4 years ago. Miss the neighbors, but definitely not the winters or mosquitoes. Looking forward to seeing your work. I've learned a lot from the folks here.
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