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Build Thread, Page : [ 1 ] (18 posts, 20 posts per page, 1 pages in total)
hjlittman, Comment for image # 3954026 Oct 17 22:39
Oddly enough the interest in getting into this hobby seems to be high in men and women in their 40s. This is where the new members are coming from in the Black Sheep Squadron. Of course the O.F.F.C. offshoot of the Black Sheep is for seniors. At 74 I'm the second youngest person in that picture.
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 3954026 Oct 17 21:24
What is going to happen to this craft when all of the senior craftsman are building in heaven? Is the current generation going to craft video games of aero planes?
LASTWOODSMAN, Comment for image # 3954026 Oct 17 21:06
Great video Howard - you guys ARE having too much fun!
hjlittman, Image # 3954025 Oct 17 21:05

This is the group shot at the endo of the O.F.F.C. One Design Contest. Eight of the dozen kits I distributed to the members showed up for the contest. A good time was had by all. This video shows some of the contest flights.
hjlittman, Image # 3952217 Oct 17 23:22

This is the prototype of the next one in my three plane beginners series. It will be called the Satellite.
hjlittman, Image # 3952117 Oct 17 18:40

Another one built for the contest
hjlittman, Image # 3952017 Oct 17 18:39

One of the models built by an O.F.F.C member for the One Design Contest
jgood, Comment for image # 3927011 Sep 17 13:38
Name updated, Howard. Nice covering job.
hjlittman, Comment for image # 3927009 Sep 17 15:38
This model now has a name. It's called the "Plain Plane". The production kits will come with blue and white tissue.
LASTWOODSMAN, Comment for image # 3926826 Aug 17 06:17
Howard, I am very impressed at how much work you put into designing a model, building and rebuilding and constantly retesting it, to make sure it actually flies well. That really sounds like a novel idea you came up with as Contest Director (CD) for the Old Farts Flying Club (OFFC) contest. Design and Laser cut (with your own laser) 12 kits of your perfected "One Design" plane, and then send them to all of the "Master" Free Flight Modellers in your club, so that they can each build the SAME model for the contest! I wish I could be there to witness the different Flight "performances" of the individual planes after each guy "trims out" his own plane in his own style - now that would be something to see ... By the way, Howard, great job designing the Guillow's laser cut "Beaver" and "Porter" plane kits. Please count me in for one of those "One Design" kits - or whatever name you eventually give it.
hjlittman, Comment for image # 3927024 Aug 17 20:15
This is covered with Esaki tissue, applied dry with glue stick. I would normally cover wet with Esaki but since I was working at the museum I covered dry and took it home to shrink it with rubbing alcohol and pinned the parts down while drying. I use a light misting of Krylon #1305 to fix the tissue. (My wife is allergic to nitrate dope, even if it's in the garage.) I assembled the model at the museum the next day. I've never used Polyspan.
Huey V77, Comment for image # 3927024 Aug 17 15:37
Hj what do you use for covering? I just built the Gene Duboise "Finch". Tried the UHU glue stick method and standard tissue. It turned out great. I am shocked at how well it flys. What's your thoughts on Polyspan?
hjlittman, Comment for image # 3927024 Aug 17 13:56
In spite of the suggestion, by one of the more mischievous members of the group, that I should have designed the model and passed out the kits without testing it simply to enjoy the chaos that resulted I spent some time testing it. The flying characteristics of the OD-17 indoors did not satisfy me. For a "generic airplane" (That's what one of the O.F.F.C. members said I should call it.) it required a little too much effort to trim. It had a bit of a tip stall in a tight turn when the power ran down. Suspecting that the 12% airfoil that is used was to blame I redrew the wing with a 10% airfoil and added a little more dihedral. I built the new wing, yesterday, and tested it this morning. Voila! Outdoors and indoors it simply flies. The design is finalized and as soon as I have the instructions edited on the plan the kit will be available. The first dozen kits are for the O.F.F.C. members (The contest is at the end of October.) then it will be available on my web site. There are two more similarly constructed models on the "drawing board".
hjlittman, Comment for image # 3927024 Aug 17 13:55
I did manage to get a short video of the OD-17 flying with just enough winds on it to ROG. I was limited in the time I had because the Penny Plane contest was starting.
hjlittman, Image # 3927024 Aug 17 13:53

Here's what it looked like at the end of the next day's building session.
hjlittman, Image # 3926924 Aug 17 13:50

Every summer, when my grandson goes to science camp at the California Science Center, I sit in the food court of the Science Center and build model airplanes while I'm waiting for his class to end. This year I build the definitive version of the OD-17 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and started on the production version of my Irish Jumping Bean, Bo0stonian, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I get about two hours of working time each day. Since I also become something of a museum exhibit I am also answering the question of passers by. The redesign of the OD-17 is subtle (Compare the "bones shot" photos.) but it is now even easier to build and what I consider some weak spots have been eliminated. I don't know how much time I will get to test it at the O.F.F.C. meeting on Wednesday, since there is a contest, but I will attempt a video. Some of the comments that people make when seeing someone building a stick and tissue model are interesting: The best millennial comment was, "Doing something like that is like Chitty Chitty Bang Band old!" One teenage girl asked me how long it would take me to build the model I was working on (Irish Jumping Bean). I told her about 10 hours. She turned to her friends and said, "OMG, ten hours for just one of those? I can't imagine working on anything like that for 10 hours." The best one was the 8 or 9 year old kid watching me pin down the plans. "What's that?" he said pointing. The kid had never seen a thumb tack! This pic was on 07/24.
hjlittman, Image # 3926824 Aug 17 13:47

Another view with the skin on. It flew quite well but I decided to make some changes to the structure of the fuselage to make it easier to build,
hjlittman, Image # 3926724 Aug 17 13:45

This year, I am the CD for the O.F.F.C. One Design contest in October. It's usually some very simple model, either an old classic from the 30s or 40s or something the CD dreams up himself. Some of the members (a few in their 90s) complained that they were beginning to have difficulty building frames with 1/16" square stock. Since I manufacture my own kits and have a laser cutter I decided to design a model with sheet sides, a heavier wing structure, with laminated formers and tail group outlines that could be built more easily, by someone loosing the feeling in their fingertips, while still being a good flier. My intent was to kit some up for the members who wanted to enter. I announced it and showed the prototype at the meeting last Wednesday and, so far, I'm producing a dozen. This model, the OD-17 (One Design 2017) should be an easy and satisfying project for a beginner. I'll be sending a few to selected modelers to get feedback as to whether or not I should make it into a regular production kit. The photo is the first prototype stuck together for a "bones shot" on July 07.
Build Thread, Page : [ 1 ] (18 posts, 20 posts per page, 1 pages in total)