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Todays Hobbies Boeing F/A-18 Hornet by poppy
David DuckettNice!! What size wheels are called for?
poppy1 1/4" main and 1" front wheels.
Don CWhere is a good place to look for wheels? Can't seem to find any 1" at Squadron that look correct for the Corsair
BriandKilbymaybe tower hobbies>
David DuckettPoppy, I can furnish the front wheels, same as I just put on the Pilatus Porter and Don I can furnish 1" wheels for an Avenger which will work just fine. These were cast for me by Julnick and will require drilling a hole for the axle. Don I no longer have your email address so if you have mine shoot me your address.
julinickFantastic poppy!!

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Guillows Series 600 - Piper Cub 95 by TJH
TJHOut in natural light.
AndersNicely done!
mekuVery well done!!!
David DuckettCongratulations! Guillows Model of the Month.
TJHThanks David! I never expected that to happen. She gets a new owner next weekend when we have the raffle.

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Dumas Kit #213, F4U Corsair by SteveM
SteveMNew batteries are installed and decals have been applied. AUW is 58.5 grams, the motor will give a max of 14 grams of thrust and will run for about 40 seconds with most of the power in the first 20 seconds.
Uncle benzI think you have not put rudder in good direction !!!
David DuckettZoot alors!
SteveMBlimey! If you click "Next" you'll see someone was kind enough to point that out for me so I could fix it. Some day I may put a star on upside down just for fun to see how long it takes for someone to notice. ;)
BillParkerHa Ha! The star thing just won't die!
SteveMJohn - A while back on the Guillow's forum David commented that a model had one of it's stars upside down. What followed was a sometimes spirited debate on whether it is important that the decals be applied in the correct orientation or not. Some thought it rude to even point it out to the modeler. Since then it has become something of a running joke. I trust you will all alert me to any errors I make and I appreciate such candor.
David DuckettOr don't ask for comments.
David DuckettIt's not an issue with me.
SteveMNot an issue. I think David was just saying people shouldn't ask for comments if they can't handle the feedback. It was not directed specifically to me or this photo.
David DuckettIt's not directed at Steve, at all. The plane was built by a 14 year old who posted lots of photos of the build and was obviously very pleased with his work, frequently remarking that he "nailed it". When he posted the pics of the completed model he asked for any comments and since the 5" national insignia on the wing was upside down, I said so. The kid then said that he knew it but no one would notice. He actually did a good job so I sent him a set of new decals and he fixed the problem. I also sent him a Cessna Skyhawk kit for being a good sport about it. The problem came a bit later when someone, a "retired college professor", jumped in my stuff for being rude in calling the mistake. That was after I pissed him off by answering a question with the words he had used in asking it, pointing out that the piece could only fit in one direction. I had already answered a lot of questions he could have found on the instructions or internet. At some point, you have to kick'em out of the nest.
BillParkerThe funniest part for me was that all these guys jumped to Alex's defense, alarmed obviously that Dave would criticise the kid's work, when in fact Alex was tickled pink that that Dave would even give him the time of day... (I have the e-mail to prove it...) Sorry Dave, when you're a rock star, you're a rock star...
Don CHappened across this researching for my Comet build. Yup, he still notices stars..:)
poppyWow! That was a lively discussion.

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Guillows Series 500 - P-40 Warhawk by BriandKilby
BriandKilbywing done!
Don CWing ding!

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poppy Todays Hobbies Boeing F/A-18 HornetBuild 06-Oct-15 16:09
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Image views : 36
poppy Todays Hobbies Boeing F/A-18 HornetBuild 06-Oct-15 16:09
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Image views : 26
Fairings installed and filled.
poppy Todays Hobbies Boeing F/A-18 HornetBuild 06-Oct-15 16:08
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Image views : 25
Plastic intakes and exhaust, nose cone, and fairing blanks.
BriandKilby Guillows Series 500 - P-40 WarhawkBuild 06-Oct-15 14:00
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Image views : 15
wing done!
David Duckett Flyline Models Heinkel HE-100Aerial 06-Oct-15 07:22
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Image views : 38
Sunrise yesterday after rain an hour earlier
David Duckett Flyline Models Heinkel HE-100Reference 06-Oct-15 07:14
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Image views : 43
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