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Aero-Werkes DPCM 104 Pfalz DIII by LASTWOODSMAN
LASTWOODSMANMy buddy "Bob", who volunteers restoring our "Mosquito" bomber, at the Historic Hanger here in Windsor, just got rid of the coat hanger stand for me using Paint Shop Pro - this is the pic he fixed up in 15 minutes.
CreosotewindVery nice. I'm glad the hanger is gone. Makes the picture much more attractive.
LASTWOODSMANThanks Creo - I must force myself to learn that paintshop technique ...

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Easy Built D-06 Westland Whirlwind by BriandKilby
BriandKilbybeau: working on wing and nacelles.
LASTWOODSMANBrian - those twin engine nacelles are looking pretty good - I must build one of those kits someday.
John M OshustNice going. Years back I tried an Ez Build kit. I found it nothing easy about it. I shall never try one again again. They are above my pay grade. My compliments to all of you that succeed. Cudos!
BriandKilbythanks guys, it's my second, I built a mig 15 prior. it tells you a bunch of crap you should do, but should have made it more sensible and simpler.
Don CBet those nacelles were fun. They look good.
Skyediamonds1985Very interesting approach to the engine nacelles. If I'm guessing correctly, are they being constructed integrally with the wings?
BriandKilbysky you can build it separately, I was just showing them together. you can cover it separately, but it may tear the tissue when attaching it, but it's hard to cover when combined. I haven't decided which to do.

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ManzanoLaser BAT FK-24 Baboon by John M Oshust
John M OshustThe Johnny "Julia" right after delivery!
Don CIt's so clean!
John M OshustDon C. This was taken the day it was delivered last July. After this past weekend misque in the woods, she has a nice patina of mud. The gator is an oldy. I have replaced just about every part in it. If you can read the inscription on its side it says "Macy's Annual Thanksgiving Parade". It pulled a float. When, I am not knowing

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Dumas Kit #222, Fokker EIII by LASTWOODSMAN
LASTWOODSMANPic of my new unstained, soft balsa "Helice Eclair" one piece wood prop, final sanded (or so I thought), to 400 grti, with my Spad 7 plane in behind, with its "Chauviere Integrale" prop, for comparison, I took a lot of measurements with calipers and a mm rule, to try to get equal blade shapes and thicknesses on the prop while sanding. The prop shape is STILL WAY OFF!!!!... The "Helice Eclair" is 3rd from the bottom in this photo of the 1st page of "FRENCH BUILT" props, and the "Chauviere Integrale" prop is 6th from the bottom. Website .
John M OshustVery, very, nicely shaped!
LASTWOODSMANBut the "Helice Eclair" in the picture has a much narrower blade where it comes off the hub, and the paddle of the blades needs to be narrowed and shaped better also. It is oversize in length also, so at least I have wood to work with.
John M OshustGracefully the air screw winds itself thru the atmosphere, pulling its aero-plane into flight.
Don CBetter to have too much than to little. Impressive start.

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John M Oshust ManzanoLaser BAT FK-24 BaboonBuild 24-Feb-17 15:26
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Image views : 3
His convalescence over, Gumby and Pokey returned to the task at hand, that being, covering components of the empennage.
BriandKilby Easy Built D-06 Westland WhirlwindBuild 23-Feb-17 08:15
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Image views : 63
beau: working on wing and nacelles.
BriandKilby Easy Built D-06 Westland WhirlwindBuild 23-Feb-17 08:14
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Image views : 21
John M Oshust ManzanoLaser BAT FK-24 BaboonParked 22-Feb-17 21:55
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Image views : 45
The Johnny "Julia" right after delivery!
John M Oshust ManzanoLaser BAT FK-24 BaboonReference 22-Feb-17 21:53
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Image views : 51
"Olga" the Ford Mitsubishi
LASTWOODSMAN Dumas Kit #222, Fokker EIIIParked 22-Feb-17 19:04
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Image views : 45
1st page of "US BUILT" props. This site shows the beautiful variations in early propeller design, and has great color photos and multiple views of real WW1 and earlier antique propellers, showing the wood, the grain, the "cladding", the markings, the decals, who built them, what wood they were made of, the prop size, and what engines and planes they were used on, with lots of information on each prop. From the Bahnson Propeller Collection. Just click on each prop. US = 23 props, BRITTAIN = 11 props, FRANCE = 13 props, GERMANY = 6 props, plus DECALS
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