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Dumas Kit #232, Albatros DV by BriandKilby
BriandKilbyright front.
Don CNice job Brian!
David DuckettWell done!
BriandKilbythanks guys, it's a little hard trying to line up all the struts at once.
BriandKilbyback to the f-5.
rgoodA very pretty bird there Brian.
raylIt's definetly RED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like it.
julinickVery very nice Brian!! Great job!!

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Guillows Series 300 - DeHavilland Beaver by Don C
Don CThey actually work! Success! Time for a celebratory toddy.
raylYou rate a toddy after that. Looks good!
Skyediamonds1985That's beautiful Don. Congratulations!! I know it's not easy working with small pieces of plastic and good. You've done a remarkable job and shows your level of attention to detail. Job well done, "Mr." Don!
poppyNice bit of engineering there!!
Skyediamonds1985Forgot to also compliment you on your decision to try the pulley route. That's great...!!
Don CSince they will be glued in the "up" position it seemed like a waste of time, but to make them look right they need to be built that way. My arthritic fingers thank you for the kind words.
David DuckettWhat size wheel do you need?

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Berkeley Douglas F4D Skyray by David Duckett
David DuckettThe fin/rudder was glued on first with Testors and then CA.
Don COK, DD. This inquiring mind wants to know, why the 2 kinds of glue and is there any reason for the order?
David DuckettYou really should know there's a reason:-) I use Testors and medium CA throughout a build because of their properties. CA dries quickly, Testors, by comparison, does not. Testors will also seal a much larger gap than CA. In this case Testors is used first to allow proper alignment of the vertical structure. By not drying instantly there's time to make the necessary adjustments to insure it's on correctly. The thickness of the glue also helps make a tighter bond because more area is exposed to glue as it is spread by the pressure of contact. After drying for an hour or so I put on a generous application of CA. After a few minutes it is very securely in place and properly aligned. An application of filler finishes the task.
Don CI understand the difference and the uses, but doesn't the Testors hold satisfactorily when set? Why the CA too? Slow learner, I guess.
David DuckettThe Testors works just fine but the fin/rudder is in for doping and sanding and godonlyknows what kind of handling as the build progresses. Overkill, perhaps, but it's the way I build. The wind blew it off the stump when I had it outside the other day and there was no damage at all. It really bugs me to have something break off when it could have been prevented.
Don COK. Thanks. It makes perfect sense now. And by the way, it sure is looking good.
David DuckettThank you. I have often had an infill piece come loose when sanding, either from too little glue, or attention, so these days I double glue lots.

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Scalemaster Ju-87B Stuka by poppy
poppyDown for a cleaning!
Don CThe pilot's seat after seeing that P-38 coming in on his right?

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David Duckett West Wings Spitfire Mk 22/24Reference 12-Feb-16 03:33
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BriandKilby Dumas Kit #232, Albatros DVParked 11-Feb-16 15:54
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Image views : 54
right front.
BriandKilby Dumas Kit #232, Albatros DVParked 11-Feb-16 15:53
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Image views : 28
left front.
BriandKilby Dumas Kit #232, Albatros DVParked 11-Feb-16 15:53
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Image views : 26
frontal view.
BriandKilby Dumas Kit #232, Albatros DVParked 11-Feb-16 15:52
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Image views : 34
top view.
BriandKilby Dumas Kit #232, Albatros DVParked 11-Feb-16 14:34
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Image views : 36
all done! will post more when dry.
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