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Guillows Series 1000 - P-47 Thunderbolt by bsnider. Viewed 1300 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
bsnider24-Jun-07 19:43
David Duckett24-Jun-07 20:30
Very, very nice! Be warned, there's no turning back now!
jgood24-Jun-07 21:21
Wow! That's really beautiful. Great job.
Xanadu24-Jun-07 23:13
bsnider25-Jun-07 00:03
Thanks for the positive feedback... Spirit of St. Louis starts next week.. Brian
poppy25-Jun-07 08:57
Great job! Love that prop and paint.
jernst25-Jun-07 08:58
That's really sweet. Is it a flyer? Nice job.
bsnider25-Jun-07 11:12
Thanks, it is static only.
moostang5125-Jun-07 16:03
Excellent job, really like the camo.
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