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Guillows Series 2000 - B-29 Super Fortress by David Duckett. Viewed 460 times.
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David Duckett21-Mar-13 21:30
The landing gear doors were cut from the bottom engine nacelle before it was assembled. To reattach I "hung" them with a short piece of masking tape taped to the backside of the door and that allows enough support so the door can then be braced a bit with a finger inside the nacelle while a small amount of CA is applied to the junction. As soon as it cures enough to hold by itself a short piece of styrene rod was laid on the junction. The CA is still wet enough to hold the rod in place but I gave it an overall application just to make sure. You can see how it blends in. I've used this method before and I would prefer to hide the rod but this time I couldn't.
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