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Todays Hobbies Northrop F-5 Tiger II by BriandKilby. Viewed 103 times.
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Image Comments
BriandKilby12-Jan-18 19:26
dad flying t-38
BriandKilby12-Jan-18 19:32
thought i'd share this with you guys. some new pictures found of dad in flight school.
rgood13-Jan-18 17:27
I'd be very proud if that photo wqs of my Dad!
Rangerdog13-Jan-18 20:32
Good formation. The general rule was to line up on lead so that his wingtip was in the middle of the star on the intake. That would give you both vertical & fore/aft alignment. It was a LOT of work, the stick & throttle always moving to try to stay in the sweet spot while lead maneuvered. Where / when was this? I went thru UPT back in 1971 @ Del Rio, T (Laughlin AFB). Not many green farm fields thereabouts! :-) Like they say,Formation flying is easy; "Just put the wingtip in the star & every time you hear something on the radio, just say: "Two"! Thank you for posting
BriandKilby14-Jan-18 08:17
thanks for sharing. my dad graduated from flight school in 66 from enid, Oklahoma.
Don C14-Jan-18 10:52
Great picture Brian and interesting information too.
BriandKilby14-Jan-18 15:12
thanks fellas!
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