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Dave Diels Engineering, Inc Kit #10, Kyushu J7W1 Shinden by David Duckett. Viewed 942 times.
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Image Comments
David Duckett02-Dec-09 14:22
Thanks for the mag, Phil. Don't blink, 15 minutes isn't very long.
pfinn02-Dec-09 20:24
If you are refering to Fame, David, you already are. Permanently!
jgood02-Dec-09 20:32
Congrats David! And congrats to David Diels for having Mr Duckett build one of his aircraft! I wonder if Mr Diels visits this site?
SteveM02-Dec-09 21:13
He could be user "ddiels" or just happened across it while using google to look references to his products. It's a shame he didn't bother to ask for permission to use the photo, I'm sure DD would have gladly granted it.
jgood02-Dec-09 21:17
Ah, yes, ddiels would probably be him! I'm sure he did ask.
BillParker02-Dec-09 21:24
Hummm... are Dave Diels and Dave Duckett the same person? Like Superman and Clark Kent? Peter Parker and Spiderman?
FLYBOYZ02-Dec-09 22:07
Its possibale!congrats DD you have many more they should look at like that hawker
David Duckett03-Dec-09 07:06
I'm fairly sure Dave Diels visits the site. I've sent photos of all my Diels models to him and he has my permission to use any and all of them. It does say "Display model by David Duckett" under the picture and that's enough for me. I'm flattered.
Ken Miller03-May-10 20:27
David, I was looking at this plane on Wikipedia and was wondering if the mode they had pictured was yours.
David Duckett04-May-10 02:13
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