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Dave Diels Engineering, Inc Kit #3, Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat by David Duckett. Viewed 444 times.
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Image Comments
David Duckett03-Jul-09 21:36
JohnG.04-Jul-09 07:43
Outstanding, David. Where to you obtain those neat wheels???
David Duckett04-Jul-09 08:17
Thanks, John. These are Pinecar Show Wheels, the same type that I used on the F-86D, and also on the Savage. They're supposed to be for dressing up those pine car racers Cub Scouts play with. Their website is
David Duckett04-Jul-09 08:27
I also used them on the Shinden.
JohnG.04-Jul-09 10:12
Thank you, kindly, Sir.
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