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Dave Diels Engineering, Inc Kit #3, Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat by David Duckett. Viewed 1337 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
David Duckett03-Aug-09 23:47
The finished prop with the hub made by Phil.
David Duckett04-Dec-12 16:06
frwyflyer04-Dec-12 17:58
Artisan and Master builder
BriandKilby10-Jun-13 09:26
may i inquire what type of wood is used to make the prop? is it something a little harder than balsa like bass wood? finn says he doesn't make hubs anymore, is there anyone else that would like to make hubs? thankyou. brian
jgood10-Jun-13 10:49
Brian, check this out :
BriandKilby10-Jun-13 11:37
thankyou jgood, i apparently read over the balsa part. thankyou again. brian.
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