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Scratch Built Grumman F9F Panther by Don C. Viewed 140 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
Don C08-Aug-17 17:15
LASTWOODSMAN08-Aug-17 18:17
Lookin' SLEEK!! Great pics Don.
rgood08-Aug-17 22:54
This is a very very nice build Don - super job!
Don C09-Aug-17 10:14
Thank you.
Anders09-Aug-17 13:57
Looking really good! :)
Don C09-Aug-17 14:37
Thanks, Anders. How is that giant of yours coming?
Anders11-Aug-17 14:51
Not much happening in the hobby room lately. Bought a new radio, figured a 20 year old transmitter would be stupid to use now that my planes start to cost a lot of $$. Been spending some time on my boat looking for a leak that only appears when the engine is running. I did get my pull-pull cables in the Mail tho :)
Don C12-Aug-17 09:57
That's a good place to spend time in the summer over there. Especially here you live. Hope it's just a small leak.
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