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Sterling SUKHOI Su26MX by BillParker. Viewed 557 times.
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BillParker17-Feb-10 04:52
Diels Engineering, Inc. KIT # 9. SUPERMARINE SPARROW II
BillParker17-Feb-10 04:53
Diels Engineering, Inc. KIT # 9. SUPERMARINE SPARROW II. Peanut scale kit. The Sparrow was a 1920’s parasol wing British lightplane built for a special competition. This peanut kit spans 13”. From plan #18. No canopy for this kit as the real plane did not have one. One color decals. I bought this kit without realizing that it simply ain't my bag. First guy who sends me a note with an address gets a free kit. I'm standing by.... Starting.... Now!
jgood17-Feb-10 05:12
I'll take if no-one else does, but please leave me until last! Interesting info here on the Sparrow, check the previous page of the PDF for a nice three view.
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