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Guillows Series 200 - Fokker DR-1 Triplane by biplane guy. Viewed 108 times.
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Image Comments
biplane guy28-Jan-18 22:07
Masking tape fail
biplane guy28-Jan-18 22:09
This is the result of using the Tamiya tape to mask the white stripe on the upper wing.
David Duckett28-Jan-18 22:15
Generally it's better to paint the lightest color first, in this case the white. If the tape causes this interaction, it would be at least less visible.
biplane guy29-Jan-18 10:30
Thanks Don and David for your input. I have tried acrylic paints on the DR1, latex house paint (Nieuport 11), acrylic spray paint (Tiger Moth) and Sig dope (Stearman) and so far have had the best finishes with the least application issues with the dope. I love the building process but the painting is frustrating. I'm open to suggestions guys. My next project, a Sopwith Camel, is going to be covered with olive drab Solartex with little or no paint. I need a break.
Xanadu29-Jan-18 21:25
So it is pulling the paint gloss off, or leaving adhesive residue?
Xanadu29-Jan-18 21:26
What other tapes you tried?
biplane guy30-Jan-18 16:13
Xanadu, as I mentioned in a previous post the problem (according to a source who contacted Tamiya) is due to emollients evaporating from uncured paint reacting to the tape (same brand as the tape). The paint on the DR1 had been dry for several days before the tape was applied so I'm not sure how long the paint takes to "cure." What you see in the picture is not a residue on the paint surface, it is the dulled paint which was glossy before the tape application. There didn't appear to be any glossy residue on the removed tape. I have used cheap blue painter's tape, Frog Tape, and now the Tamiya tape. I tried sticking the Tamiya tape to a scrap piece of unpainted Solartex overnight to see if the Solartex would show any sign of residue when the tape was removed. It did not. I love the sharp/clean lines the tape gives with zero bleeding but can't accept the dulled finish it leaves on the paint. I will continue to use it on unpainted surfaces only.
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