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Guillows Series 800 - Stearman PT-17 by Don C. Viewed 95 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
Don C15-Dec-17 20:05
At the paint shop. Ray - got your stock yet?
rayl15-Dec-17 21:54
This is going to be fun to watch:-) Git 'r done.
BriandKilby16-Dec-17 08:04
the ole stang is coming to life! are the guns .50 cal.
Don C16-Dec-17 11:03
20mm Hispano cannon. Only used for a couple of models. Then they went to the 50 cal. mg.
BriandKilby17-Dec-17 08:13
maybe they should have kept the 20 mm's for the later models or at least a pair of them.
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