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Guillows Series 400 - P-51 Mustang by Xanadu. Viewed 2477 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
Xanadu30-Sep-06 21:32
Still getting there!
doodle21-Jul-07 04:51
Can you help me with the M1 and 2 fillets?? How do they fit??
Xanadu21-Jul-07 17:20
I have to pull out the plans once I get back home from holidays next week. Currently in Barstow CA, and its a balmy 104*F
Xanadu30-Jul-07 21:56
Doodle..... The M1 and M2 fillets fit just under the leading and trailing edge of the winf fillets. They are designed to fill in the gap between the fillet and the wing. Its to make it look like the wing and fillets are one smooth flowing piece. The "point" of the fillet with the 2 straight edges go towards the fuselage and wing, giving a rounded or tapered edge towards the outside. Hope this helps you.
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