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Guillows Series 400 - P-51 Mustang by Huey V77. Viewed 415 times.
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Image Comments
Huey V7708-Jan-17 12:52
LASTWOODSMAN09-Jan-17 10:20
You gave it away Skye - the P51H - all new H version from the D version, no leading edge kink, smaller landing gear, taller tail in the later models, fuse is more slender, belly scoop inlet is square again like the first P51s, smaller engine chin scoop, Disc brakes are now on the wheels, the fastest P51 - 487 mph @ 25,000 ft
Huey V7709-Jan-17 13:44
Had a friend (had) who flew H's out of Dayton, who got jumped by 86's from Michigan (wargames), Marines. Said " The last thing he remembered was he and his wing man were chasing an 86 going straight down and passing an 86 with two H's on its tail going straight up."
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