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Easy Built D-08 Bristol Beaufighter by BriandKilby. Viewed 142 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
BriandKilby23-Jun-17 15:16
finished except for antenna.
David Duckett23-Jun-17 15:23
Well done, Brian!
BriandKilby23-Jun-17 16:24
thanks dd! I've learned a lot from my fellow modelers. lol.
rgood23-Jun-17 16:55
Very attractive and well made model of a great aeroplane!
BriandKilby23-Jun-17 20:06
thank you rgood!
Don C23-Jul-17 10:28
Brian, just watched a 5 minute WWII newsreel of the Beaufighter in action on Facebook. You might like it. and then do some searching. I don't know how I found it - computer illiterate.
Don C23-Jul-17 13:18
Typing illiterate too- -.
BriandKilby23-Jul-17 15:59
ok don, sounds good!
poppy24-Jul-17 11:10
Good job, Brian!! A hard subject done well.
jgood24-Jul-17 11:54
Looks like the best yet, Brian! Super job.
BriandKilby24-Jul-17 12:12
thanks james and poppy.
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