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ManzanoLaser Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.12a by John M Oshust. Viewed 478 times.
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Image Comments
John M Oshust04-May-15 16:22
rgood05-May-15 21:33
I love the accuracy in the rigging wires in this shot! Very well done.
John M Oshust06-May-15 07:21
rgood, A big thanks to Judson for the final photos. I really did not look at the pictures closely, I just posted them. I see what you mean he managed to capture the rigging nicely. I have trouble seeing the rigging :-)
Don C06-May-15 10:00
This has to be one of the best shots. I almost expect the brave Lt. to roar off down the runway in a cloud of exhaust. Thanks for the tip on Stretch Magic.
rayl06-May-15 11:22
Stretch Magic? This view also shows how the Flt. Lt. is basically flying "blind" when he roars off to battle the Henie Zeppelins.
jgood06-May-15 16:26
Great pics John!
John M Oshust06-May-15 17:04
rayl.....Stretch magic is the beading monofilament I use for rigging. The lack of a direct view forward separated the expert pilots from the novice :-)
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