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Dave Diels Engineering, Inc Kit #29 Hawker Typhoon Mk 1B by David Duckett. Viewed 92 times.
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Image Comments
David Duckett10-Oct-17 19:30
This is the first time a car of mine has its own house.
Don C11-Oct-17 13:41
Don't spoil it.
heywooood11-Oct-17 14:44
too late! I often wish I had a garage for
David Duckett11-Oct-17 18:28
The sun destroyed the paint on my last car and I am determined that won't happen again.
heywooood11-Oct-17 21:16
and that's exactly what's happening to my car...sun fade. But I hate those car covers, I've had two stolen where they just cut the cables. A garage saves the paint and removes concern for 'incidental contact' on the street when parked in front of the house
Skyediamonds198512-Oct-17 15:08
Great place to come home and park your car. You protect the investment and look at your marvelous works of art at the same time. Heywood, sorry about your covers being ripped off. I can understand the sun bleach issue. With a good looking garage like that, I'd probably spend more time there than the house.
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