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Scratch Built Loening OL-8 Amphibian by rayl. Viewed 105 times.
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rayl07-Aug-17 07:21
On a lighter note: This guy has been the welcoming sight to greet everyone here in Spencer, IA since 2009. He is at the south end of the entrance to "Historical Downtown Spencer" right on Hwy 71. CAn't believe that I haven't posted this before.
LASTWOODSMAN07-Aug-17 11:15
Pretty cool pic - nice welcoming "statue" - is there a story behind it? : like who put it up? named after a great modeler? big flying club in town? in memory of anyone? is it on private property?
rayl07-Aug-17 14:56
LWM: Not that I know of. The city commissioned a semi-local artist, it is called "Letting Go". There is a small group of us RCr's (about 20 strong, normally see one or two at our flying field). It is in a city park. BTW it's about 14 feet tall.
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