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Scratch Built Gee Bee Model "Y" by Huey V77. Viewed 81 times.
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Huey V7731-Mar-17 11:40
Been messing with this the last couple of nights. Mixed Radome Tan and gloss White to get the base color. Amazingly the tissue tightened up. Some "Puckers" are still there. Don, on full scale using the "Dope" system, you apply two cross coats of nitrate to the fabric. nitra incapselates the fiber. Then you apply up to 4 coate of silver. Silver is butyrate mixed with aulminum power to block out UV light. Then you apply clear butyrate to fill the weave of the fabric. then several color coate. The last plane I did is a Aeronca Champ with 16 coats of dope. It looks beautifull, yet you can till see the weave. My Stinson model has two coats of nitrate and two coats of butyrate on silcspan. I heald its shape when paint was applied.
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