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Scratch Built Gee Bee Model "Y" by Huey V77. Viewed 114 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
Huey V7703-Apr-17 07:56
I'll regret this later but hade to see how the colors look.
John M Oshust03-Apr-17 08:53
The Tissue looks nice and tight. Why the regret?
LASTWOODSMAN03-Apr-17 09:25
The colors look vibrant and I don't see any wrinkles in the tissue - it must have kept tightening up ...
Don C03-Apr-17 09:59
I'm with John. Looks good.
Huey V7703-Apr-17 10:18
When ever I get too far ahead I cause more work than needed. Although the cream covers the red pretty good.
Don C03-Apr-17 13:25
Was the prop hub info OK?
biplane guy03-Apr-17 13:29
I like it a lot.
Huey V7703-Apr-17 16:31
Thanks bp, going to try Parafilm to do the masking. Keep your fingers crossed. My hands aren't that steady to free hand this scheme.
John M Oshust03-Apr-17 16:41
Heuy v77. I have some parafilm but lost the instructions. When you get a chance could you edumicate me as to how to use it?
Huey V7703-Apr-17 18:13
Don, yes thank you.
biplane guy04-Apr-17 09:27
I'm not familiar with Parafilm, but if it works I'd like to hear what you think.
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