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HJL Models OD-17 Plain Plane by hjlittman. Viewed 134 times.
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hjlittman24-Aug-17 13:53
Here's what it looked like at the end of the next day's building session.
hjlittman24-Aug-17 13:55
I did manage to get a short video of the OD-17 flying with just enough winds on it to ROG. I was limited in the time I had because the Penny Plane contest was starting.
hjlittman24-Aug-17 13:56
In spite of the suggestion, by one of the more mischievous members of the group, that I should have designed the model and passed out the kits without testing it simply to enjoy the chaos that resulted I spent some time testing it. The flying characteristics of the OD-17 indoors did not satisfy me. For a "generic airplane" (That's what one of the O.F.F.C. members said I should call it.) it required a little too much effort to trim. It had a bit of a tip stall in a tight turn when the power ran down. Suspecting that the 12% airfoil that is used was to blame I redrew the wing with a 10% airfoil and added a little more dihedral. I built the new wing, yesterday, and tested it this morning. Voila! Outdoors and indoors it simply flies. The design is finalized and as soon as I have the instructions edited on the plan the kit will be available. The first dozen kits are for the O.F.F.C. members (The contest is at the end of October.) then it will be available on my web site. There are two more similarly constructed models on the "drawing board".
Huey V7724-Aug-17 15:37
Hj what do you use for covering? I just built the Gene Duboise "Finch". Tried the UHU glue stick method and standard tissue. It turned out great. I am shocked at how well it flys. What's your thoughts on Polyspan?
hjlittman24-Aug-17 20:15
This is covered with Esaki tissue, applied dry with glue stick. I would normally cover wet with Esaki but since I was working at the museum I covered dry and took it home to shrink it with rubbing alcohol and pinned the parts down while drying. I use a light misting of Krylon #1305 to fix the tissue. (My wife is allergic to nitrate dope, even if it's in the garage.) I assembled the model at the museum the next day. I've never used Polyspan.
hjlittman09-Sep-17 15:38
This model now has a name. It's called the "Plain Plane". The production kits will come with blue and white tissue.
jgood11-Sep-17 13:38
Name updated, Howard. Nice covering job.
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