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Guillows Series 800 - Spirit of St Louis by rgood. Viewed 340 times.
Build Thread
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rgood15-Oct-15 10:25
rgood15-Oct-15 13:53
A very "full" box of bits! Some of the plastic parts are very fiddly - balsa mainly very good apart from a few soft pieces. One of the wing rib die-cut sheets was hardly "cut" at all. Despite that I am enjoying this build - it will be non-flying!
julinick15-Oct-15 18:29
I know exactly what you are talking about. I'm learning that from the B-29 build. From now on I will cast the parts I think that are fiddly myself. Looking forward to your build!!
David Duckett16-Oct-15 07:19
One can't win. A guy on the Guillows forum is complaining about laser cut kits, saying you're being ripped off by not having to cut out the parts, thus losing 50% of the build. The first kit I built was print wood so I thought that was the norm for all kits. I don't even think about the wood anymore because I don't start a build unless I have two brand new blades in the knives and CA handy to repair anything I break. Just part of the game. Not sure what fiddly means, :-), but the plastic in this kit is indeed a pain. The pieces that are supposed to cover where the struts meet the wing just simply do not fit correctly. The plastic wing tips common to the 800 series are another problem. I consider the 800 series the most difficult of the Guillows kits primarily due to their engineering but also because of the plastic. It's almost as if that series was designed by some other company.
rgood16-Oct-15 11:58
That is interesting David - all that you say is so true - I'm still looking at those dreadful plastic caps for the strut top ends, I think that I will simply carve some wooden ones!My wing tips went on quite easily but the nose/cowling halves were a pain (as you will see in my pics to follow!) Buy the buy: I am a true Brit "skin-flint"- I actually re-sharpen my knife blades on a fine stone - they last for ages that way.
rgood16-Oct-15 12:17
By the By!!!!!
rgood16-Oct-15 12:22
Thinking far into this build David - where can I find your "How to" on the Guillows decals and your method of application. I recall that you pre-spray the sheet before going ahead with the transfer? (My decal sheet is over 12 years old!)
David Duckett16-Oct-15 13:38
There is no "how to" for water slide decals as they have always worked easily for me. They will not adhere to a less than smooth surface. The only decals that have needed the spray before treatment are those from Diels which are very fragile.
rgood16-Oct-15 13:43
Thanks David. The decals in the box look fine - so I hope they will do the job.
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