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Guillows Series 900 - Typhoon by jgood. Viewed 635 times.
Build Thread
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jgood12-May-14 21:50
I've done some test flights into long grass (the lawn!), and it flies really nicely with a small amount of turns (25). Looking forwards to some bigger flights on a calm day.
BriandKilby13-May-14 07:02
did you have to substitute the stringers with lighter weight balsa, james?
jgood13-May-14 12:15
Hi Brian. No, just straight out of the box. Will get a weight for you soon.
SteveM15-May-14 10:57
How did I miss this build thread? I am impressed with Charles' gentle hold at such a young age! Welcome to the tree problem part of the country.
BillParker15-Dec-16 12:54
jgood15-Dec-16 14:25
That's very cool. Great looking little aeroplane! Some of those homebuilt 'replicas' look a bit dodgy, but that is very nicely done.
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