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Guillows Series 400 - Spitfire by Xanadu. Viewed 592 times.
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Image Comments
Xanadu04-Feb-09 22:49
BugEater05-Feb-09 12:24
Sweet Jesus! That's a monster!
Heinrich Dorfmann05-Feb-09 14:33
LE and TE screwed (!) to the table ... Love it. I will definitely follow this build closely.
John M Oshust05-Feb-09 16:30
Way cool...what will the span be and how many will it take to lift it?
jgood05-Feb-09 16:43
I think this is going to be 75", John. Rather large!
Xanadu05-Feb-09 20:31
Yup,75" wing span.........only 1 person to lift it.
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