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Guillows Series 1000 - F4U Corsair by kudzu. Viewed 907 times.
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kudzu04-Apr-10 17:16
Fuselage framed per plan - stringers to be added later. The sheets marked “A” where laser cut (I think you can see some of those pieces in the photo), the rest where die-cut very nicely, however one sheet there is no hope of saving due to it being die-crushed. All in all very happy with the kit and the wood, first time I ever had any laser cut parts and let me say “I’m loving it!!!!”
scigs3001-Oct-10 20:09
I am sorry, but what sheets were laser cut?
lukebozek118-Nov-10 08:01
I too am confused, the edges of the formers (the first 4 and the 7th) look like laser burns, but I was unaware that Guillows made a Corsair that was laser cut.....
harve28-Nov-10 18:50
I just picked up this kit this weekend. Sheet 'A' is laser cut while the others are die cut. I suspect Guillows is slowly replacing dies with laser cuts as the dies wear out. Can someone confirm this?
kudzu13-Feb-18 04:57
Sorry for the late reply, just got back into the model...harve had it exactly right.
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