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Guillows Series 800 - B-25 Mitchell by David Duckett. Viewed 1012 times.
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David Duckett09-Jun-07 21:15
For Brian
David Duckett09-Jun-07 21:22
The ribs are all glued to the leading edge first but the spars are NOT glued together yet. The trailing edge must be cut where shown. Lift the wing and add the different size blocks while keeping the root rib pinned down. The outer panel will lay down naturally. Then glue all the spars together where they meet. NOTE The blocks used to set the anhedral are different than those used to first build the wing. It might look odd but it works.
Brian Kostecki09-Jun-07 22:49
Thank you David. It really seemed strange installing ribs F-4 through F-9 while the inboard portion of the leading edge was blocked up, but the trailing edge and MA (aileron parts) were pinned flat to the board, but I see what you mean that it somehow works. I can see how another builder mentioned that they almost found this one really challenging. Thanks again!!
Brian Kostecki10-Jun-07 16:51
Oops, I meant to say, "almost threw this one in the trash". Anyhoo, the wings are coming along nicely. I'd post pics, but they'd be rather anticlimactic with when compared to the pics Mr. Duckett is posting of his current masterpiece-in-progress.
David Duckett10-Jun-07 17:42
Not to me. I love to see everyone's work. In fact I would say we all do so post away.
moostang5110-Jun-07 18:23
jgood10-Jun-07 21:14
I'd like to follow your build too Brian. Following someone elses build has at least some of the excitement of doing your own!
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