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Scratch Built Albatros D.II by jernst. Viewed 797 times.
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Image Comments
jernst05-Jul-07 09:43
Progress to date
cdwheatley05-Jul-07 11:47
Superb! I've loved this plane ever since I built a plastic kit of it many moons ago. I will definitely have to build a stick and tissue one some day too. How do you manage to draw all your freehand markings so accurately?!
jernst05-Jul-07 12:44
Thanks. By profession, I'm an architect. A lot of the graphic 'stuff' is stylistic techniques I've been working with for years. I also use enlarged markings underneath the tissue to 'trace'. Nothing that anyone wouldn't be able to do.
poppy05-Jul-07 16:50
Wow! Love that prop detail. A very uniqie way of drawing markings. Only an architect would think of that. Another good job from a prolific builder. Is this another flyer?
jernst05-Jul-07 18:30
Thanks. The prop is a silver Peck Polymers painted to look like laminations. The spinner is stolen from an 18" DPCM kit of an Albatros D.Va. Close enough. Yes poppy, I intened this to be a flyer.
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