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Guillows Series 200 - SE5a by Skyediamonds1985. Viewed 219 times.
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Skyediamonds198521-Apr-16 14:56
Of course, because I went through the laborious task of rib-stitching the fuselage, you might be interested on how the various stitching applied to real aircraft. Hope you enjoy!
Skyediamonds198521-Apr-16 15:16
Just one final note, I happen to choose the "H" version of rib stitching to the fuselage in which all of the stitching appeared parallel on the outside. To me, it exemplified the simplicity of stitching, yet the gracefulness of appreciating the stitching itself without the distraction of anything else. The use of "T" pegs to employ the "V" or double "V" patterns was a bit too much for me, to say nothing for having those tiny pins sticking out all over the fuselage, making it resemble more like a pin-cushion.
Anders21-Apr-16 15:40
Probably going to need this for a 1/4 sopwith pup i build a little on now and then (pics might be posted when done). Thank you :)
Skyediamonds198521-Apr-16 19:59
Anytime, glad to help Anders. If you decide to detail the cockpit interior and employ the use of a wicker chair, may I suggest Mr. John O's idea of using needle point cloth? Has lots of weaves and may save you lots of time. -Sky
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