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Easy Built D-06 Westland Whirlwind by BriandKilby. Viewed 120 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
BriandKilby18-Mar-17 18:58
close up.
LASTWOODSMAN19-Mar-17 11:12
Lookin' good Brian.
BriandKilby22-Mar-17 18:07
hi guys, i'm doing the the cowls out of balsa and need help on drawing circles for cowls? any ideas? thanks brian.
John M Oshust22-Mar-17 19:35
Not sure what you are trying to do. Circles?
Don C22-Mar-17 19:49
Hey Brian.Look at the beginning of my Solution build for circles. The Corsair was the same and someone else just shared a similar cowl build. Not too tough to do.
BriandKilby23-Mar-17 16:47
thanks don! i'll try that. brian.
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