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Scratch Built Laird Solution by Don C. Viewed 177 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
Don C19-Mar-17 17:23
Thanks guys. Huey, the prop is 6.5 inches- which should make it 8' 9" on the real thing.
LASTWOODSMAN20-Mar-17 09:49
Don - thanks for posting your whole, very compelling, "Speedwing" build, and the excellent sunlit baby pics from all angles. I really enjoyed it. Now you've got me researching the plane, the 1930 Thompson Race, and the pilot, C. W. "Speed" Holman.
rayl22-Mar-17 08:10
Cute little bugger. Really nice job on the engine & prop. The treads on the tire are a nice touch.
Creosotewind22-Mar-17 13:06
Real nice Don. Looks like the real thing (and I don't mean Coke)
Don C22-Mar-17 14:11
Thanks Ray and Creosotewind. Creosotewind - if you get on that Mystery ship (Which I think this one was built to challenge), you,Huey and I have the makings of a race.
Huey V7731-Mar-17 13:28
Don, old buddy old pal, how can I get a copy of your prop hub? Its perfect for the Gee Bee.
John M Oshust31-Mar-17 13:51
Great photo. Nice model,,
Don C31-Mar-17 15:39
Thanks Mr. O. Huey, there's a picture of the prop before assembly on page 4 of the build thread. I used a Cleveland plan. They have pretty good scale drawings for things. I'll try to keep it short. 1/16 scale. 3/8" dowel. Used the drill press for crankshaft hole and lengthwise hole(1/8")for props. Took a few tries to get them correct. Hub is 1' long. Left extra inch on end to put in chuck. Now it is a "vertical mill". Needle files and sandpaper to shape. The extra on the ends is then sanded off on either belt or disc sander. File a small flat on one side of crankshaft hole and glue a short piece of brass tube for the large ring. Crankshaft is end of an "Oshust" bearing. Mr. O diagrammed that in one of his builds. I copied it because it works well and is easy. Ask if I didn't explain well enough.
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