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Guillows Series 2000 - B-24 Liberator by moostang51. Viewed 832 times.
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Image Comments
moostang5107-Aug-07 19:39
Lots of time to do so little painting.
David Duckett07-Aug-07 20:46
Welcome to the world of artists and be glad you don't have to work with oils. It's not how long it takes, it's how well you do it. Looks like you do it quite well. It's a testament to your painting skills that it looks so "right" and not gaudy as the yellow and green might sometimes appear in less skilled hands. I would suspect that the folks who painted the original were going for gaudy, or ballsy, but this is much more pleasing to the eye while being accurate to the real one, with a slight bit of artistic license always allowed. In other words, it looks damned good!
John M Oshust07-Aug-07 21:23
Time and patience the greatest tools in model building....well worth the effort look at the great results!
poppy07-Aug-07 22:27
This is looking fantastic!!
poppy08-Aug-07 07:10
About the time. The longer it takes, the more enjoyment I get. You get to touch, glue, paint and all the other stuff. After all, when it's finished, all you can do is look at it. Or if you are a flyer, you can eventually watch it crash and burn.
jernst08-Aug-07 07:59
This is a beautiful and very colorful paint job. i'm looking forward to more picts. Well done.
John M Oshust08-Aug-07 15:34
poppy...I agree with you 100%. The saddest day came when I finished my Camel. To me ,like you, it is the process. The step by step mini challenges, the ups and downs of the process.
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