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ManzanoLaser BAT FK-24 Baboon by John M Oshust. Viewed 101 times.
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Image Comments
John M Oshust02-Oct-17 13:50
I just had the pleasure of spending a weekend with the grandson of Carl Kuring. He flew with Richtofen.
LASTWOODSMAN02-Oct-17 15:04
Any good stories?
John M Oshust02-Oct-17 16:34
A few. I was promised more family photos. The grandson, my guest, is a West Point Grad. Two tours in Afghanistan. Special Forces. With his military background we had some interesting stories.
Don C02-Oct-17 18:02
Interesting pictures.
Huey V7702-Oct-17 18:16
Interesting, find out when, I was there in 2011.
John M Oshust03-Oct-17 13:56
Desert storm initially , then two vacations in Afghanistan.
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