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Herr Engineering HRR 105, Fokker D-7 by LASTWOODSMAN. Viewed 55 times.
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LASTWOODSMAN02-Oct-17 15:37
The six inner bolt circle holes were enlarged to the larger, brass-coated, Escutcheon pin shaft diameter (head = 3.0 mm diam , shaft = 0.050" diam), and the six outer circle holes were already enlarged just larger than the smaller, shiny steel, Dressmaker Pin shaft diameter (head = 1.5 mm diam , and shaft = 0.0235" diam). I then stuck all those pins into the new hub holes to check the fit and look. At the left, there are 4 small brass washers on the prop shaft between the new removeable prop block and the propeller. You can also see a 90 degree bend of 6mm, that I put into the front of the wire prop shaft. The old nose block with thrust button, and the old practise hub, are at the end of the wooden dowel.
LASTWOODSMAN02-Oct-17 16:09
Oh - I forgot - I used a steel rule and exacto knife and a cutting board to cut the hub plate circle out of the over size balsa plate, as close as I could, and just sanded up the points on the edges with a sanding block, up to and even with, the round edge of the chrome outer circle.
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