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Herr Engineering HRR 105, Fokker D-7 by LASTWOODSMAN. Viewed 57 times.
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LASTWOODSMAN03-Oct-17 11:05
Here I have started to put in the larger brass coated Escutcheon pin heads into the prop hub to simulate bolt heads. I used side cutter pliers to snip off the shaft below the head, to just under 1/16" length so that they would not protrude past the 1/16" balsa plate of the hub. I made a little tool, at the bottom right, from a piece of file folder cardboard. I cut a little slot in the cardboard for the short pin shaft to sit in, with the head of the pin sitting on top of the file folder cardboard. I held the cardboard, lining the pin head up with the hole in the prop hub, then pressed on the head to push the short shaft into the hole, and then slid the cardboard out. It was a snug fit and i didn't even need any glue.
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