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Herr Engineering HRR 105, Fokker D-7 by LASTWOODSMAN. Viewed 56 times.
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LASTWOODSMAN03-Oct-17 22:12
Here I started putting in the silver smaller Dressmaker's pins. I centered the hub with a pin in the middle and then 2 more pins. I then drilled small 0.025" holes through the hub holes and into the prop wood, but not too far. Then I cut the pins short so as not to go through the other side of the prop. Then I used needle nose plliers to start inserting the 0.023" diam pins into the predrilled holes, then pushed the heads of the pins down the rest of the way, even with the hub face. I did not even need to use any glue - the last part of the pin shafts went through undrilled balsa.
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