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Dumas Kit #301 Stinson Reliant SR-10 by heywooood. Viewed 108 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
heywooood09-Oct-17 17:52
heywooood09-Oct-17 18:10
The glass is installed..
John M Oshust09-Oct-17 18:15
heywooood09-Oct-17 18:29
Thanks John..Huey77 says they really burned fuel. I can see why, she's a beast even without floats.
LASTWOODSMAN09-Oct-17 19:30
Your paint scheme really brings out those "muscular" wings!
heywooood09-Oct-17 21:07
Those wings do kinda remind of the ol' Jack LaLane muscle beach
Huey V7710-Oct-17 05:51
Very nice job HW. Yah, my Stinson burned 15gal/hr at 120mph. I miss it but, not at $5 a gal. At least I could take 4 friends with me.
rayl10-Oct-17 08:10
Outstanding Job!!!
heywooood10-Oct-17 08:26
Huey - it's like a flying Chevy Suburban..But with way more style to it.
heywooood10-Oct-17 08:32
Thanks Ray! It was a pretty straightforward build. All I had to work out for myself was the main landing gear stubs and the cowling, but that was partially due to the engine I went with.
heywooood10-Oct-17 10:55
btw Huey v77 - what is the latest on your GeeBee model Y ? did you ever get those custom decals?
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