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StromBecker P-61c by Don C. Viewed 77 times.
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Image Comments
Don C10-Jan-18 12:52
Test fit. More work to align everything than one would think
TJH10-Jan-18 13:00
They are restoring one of these back to flying condition at Mid Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, PA.
Don C11-Jan-18 10:27
I looked it up. Quite impressive. One of my reference books has a picture of it in the jungle in '89. They are doing a fantastic job.
Creosotewind11-Jan-18 12:04
Beautiful work. Can't wait to see this one done.
rgood11-Jan-18 14:32
Will it be black Don? Wonderful aeroplane.
Skyediamonds198511-Jan-18 15:00
Solid wood is really a challenge. Will watch this for sure. Good luck Don. With your experience, I know this will turn out really good.
Don C11-Jan-18 15:06
Thanks. It will be the standard gloss black. Trim color, if any, will depend on Squadron I choose. There was very little, spinners, maybe a stripe somewhere.
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