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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked23-May-17 20:20
Views : 7
Little too windy to determine anything - 8 mph - got some good glides - seems to turn right - 450 turns does not get it to climb - only one good 12 second flight - ?WHY? - at least I didn't smash it up ...
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked23-May-17 20:13
Views : 16
I fianlly learned how to use the winding stooge solo. Only tried up to 450 winds - I did not get greedy ...
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked21-May-17 09:09
Views : 31
My buddy's wife is an avid, all out, Elvis memorabilia collector ...
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked21-May-17 09:07
Views : 19
I was having some fun on this Elvis Presley "Stern" pinball machine several years ago.
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked20-May-17 11:41
Views : 29
This kit has 6 pages of great building and flying instructions (that I should have followed). The SIG "CLASSIC SERIES" assures flying ability and proven dependable flyers. You can expect hand wound flilghts to last 10 - 25 seconds, and stretch wound fllights to last 20 - 50 seconds. This model has been beat up and repaired a few times ...
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked20-May-17 11:35
Views : 17
"There was once a simpler time when the lines of a model airplane could have an almost magical effect on a modeler."
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked20-May-17 11:33
Views : 20
The kit plane has a wrap around windshield, side windows, and a transparent cabin roof, that I modified to cover the whole roof, and you can really see the construction framework and rubber motot inside the fuse. I also thickened up the wing struts and landing gear struts.
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked20-May-17 11:29
Views : 20
KIT FEATURES: Instead of a thrust bearing for the prop shaft, there are 2 kit-supplied eyelets, that go into the front end and the rear end of the prop shaft hole in the noseblock, and the prop shaft spins inside these eyelets.
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked20-May-17 11:25
Views : 13
These planes were the pinnacle of aviation excitement as they had classic lines, a graceful appearance, were sleek and slender, and they had "character"!
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked20-May-17 11:22
Views : 12
The 22" SIG "CABINAIRE", designed to fly free flight rubber powered, by Paul McIlrath, is reminiscent of the Vintage High Wing Cabin planes of the 1930s "Golden Age of Aviation" - the 20 year period between WW1 and WW2 - an era of elegant a/c design and tremendous advances in Aviation.
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked17-May-17 15:46
Views : 55
All glued up and ready to try again when there is no wind.
LASTWOODSMANSIG CabinaireParked17-May-17 15:44
Views : 38
Stab repair is completed. The top of the back of the fuse has a tiny 1/16" square block of balsa glued on top of it, for positive incidence for the Stabilizer.
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