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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #222, Fokker EIIIParked28-Feb-17 15:45
Views : 107
The wax paper came off easily - that is a new pilot in the jig now - the one just finished is in front leaning on a block - now a very strong and solid pilot with a flush base plate epoxied to the inside of the pilot body bottom.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #222, Fokker EIIIParked28-Feb-17 15:40
Views : 98
I then pulled out the round head pins from the underside, BEFORE dismantling the jig.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #222, Fokker EIIIParked28-Feb-17 15:37
Views : 94
I pinned a little extra pressure on top of the pilot head to hold everything in place while the glue dried.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #222, Fokker EIIIParked28-Feb-17 15:35
Views : 95
I brushed on 5 min Epoxy glue onto the bottom inside edges of the plastic pilot, and them stuck him onto and over the edges of the balsa base plank, the pilot bottom being flush with the three jig plank flat surface.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #222, Fokker EIIIParked28-Feb-17 15:28
Views : 99
The jig plank holding the pinned pilot base and wax paper, is pinned into the space on the jig between the two other planks, and now the base plate will not move. The three jig planks form a flat plane for the bottom edge of the pilot to sit on.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #222, Fokker EIIIParked28-Feb-17 15:22
Views : 92
This is the side the pilot will sit on - the pin tips just stick out a little bit into the free space of the pilot body.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #222, Fokker EIIIParked28-Feb-17 15:20
Views : 87
JIG SET UP for glueing a balsa pilot base plate, to the inside of a plastic pilot - I pinned the jig plank, wax paper, then the balsa pilot base plate together, pinning in from the jig plank side, at small angles, to hold the pilot base plate securely to the jig plank, while the glue dries.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #222, Fokker EIIIParked27-Feb-17 11:03
Views : 119
If you have a small scale plane, Easybuilt has a good selection of different scale pilots with different designs . Pilot 2 and 3 go into my 1:20 scale BE2e (one for the pilot and one for the gunner/observer), and either 4 or 5 will go into my 1:14.7 scale "Herr" Fokker D7. The 4th pilot is very detailed and overlapps easily because it is only 9 thou thick, and glues up easily with Easybuilt, good tack and quick drying, white "Sobo" glue.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #222, Fokker EIIIParked27-Feb-17 10:52
Views : 95
Three bottom base planks left to install. First pilot needs a frontal bib extention downwards into the fuse as the rear of the pilot has to sit a little back on top of the fuse - I will hide the line with cockpit combing.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #222, Fokker EIIIParked27-Feb-17 10:47
Views : 94
The 4rth pilot from the left has the bottom plank glued flat into the pilot base.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #222, Fokker EIIIParked27-Feb-17 10:44
Views : 142
I decided to make pilots for all of my WW1 models for their empty open cockpits. I carved out a balsa plank base for inserting flat into the 4th pilot from the left, after first sanding the bottom of the pilot flat and even on a flat sheet of sandpaper.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #222, Fokker EIIIParked27-Feb-17 10:27
Views : 80
Sorry - I deleted this by accident. 1st PAGE OF US BUILT PROPS This site shows the beautiful variations in early propeller design and has great color photos and multiple views of real WW1 and earlier antique propellers showing the wood, the grain, the cladding, the markings, the decals, who built them, what wood they were made of, the size, and what engines and planes they were used on, with lots of info on each prop. Just click on each prop. From the Bahnson Propeller Collection.
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