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LASTWOODSMANScratch Built Curtiss PusherParked26-Apr-17 10:36
Views : 76
This is my Ailerons diagram - your diagram showed me that I have to reverse the double elevator control wires on my diagram, to coincide with forward/backward movement of the control stick column/wheel , that push pulls the foreplane rod connected to the foreplane fin on the single foreplane wing - so that elevators and foreplane work synchronously.
LASTWOODSMANScratch Built Curtiss PusherParked26-Apr-17 10:29
Views : 79
BPGuy - this is my hand drafted diagram of Rudder/Elevator for my model - there is no spinning steering wheel for rudder control, it has aileron and elevator control drive arms (not small horns), "Guide Tubes" and a single pivoting rudder (no fin) with a rudder "Tiller"
LASTWOODSMANScratch Built Curtiss PusherParked10-Feb-17 20:39
Views : 119
The wheel rim is ready for the spokes and the hub ... first a little "Dremelling" sanding to round out the edges.
LASTWOODSMANScratch Built Curtiss PusherParked10-Feb-17 20:35
Views : 118
SUCCESS - it worked - "Mandrake" and "Bloodroot" hold up the new perfectly drilled wheel rim in Victory, before beaming back to the future in their "captured Mig 17".
LASTWOODSMANScratch Built Curtiss PusherParked10-Feb-17 20:28
Views : 106
DRAFTSMAN DIAGRAM - I should have made this diagram at the start. This shows the correct hole locations, to "awl", open a bit with a 1/32" drill bit, then five more drilling operations, with a pin vise, all on each felloe hole to enlarge it to a 3/32" wheel rim hole. My fingers were getting pretty sore from all of that pin-vise drilling by hand!
LASTWOODSMANScratch Built Curtiss PusherParked10-Feb-17 20:19
Views : 103
"Mandrake" and "Bloodroot" Cyborg Soldier Engineering Consultants beamed in from the future in their "captured Mig 17", to assess the situation and offer assistance and analysis. Their "CONCLUSION" -the drill bits did not "wander" or "walk" away from the "awl-made" starter location holes. The starter holes were made in the wrong locations. "RECOMMENDATION" - go "BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD" and draw it all out in full size and start all over again.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
LASTWOODSMANScratch Built Curtiss PusherParked10-Feb-17 20:12
Views : 101
1 5/8" Wooden Spoke Wheel - another dismal FAILURE on the 4th attempt - I'm batting 2 for 4 now. The spoke "falloe" holes, drilled through the wheel rim, ended up coming out through the flat sided walls of the rim, instead of coming through the concave, curved, flat inside of the wheel rim. I tried to chalk it up to "walking" and "wandering" of the drill bits, of the five drill bit operations, of increasing drill bit size, to enlarge each hole to 3/32" diameter. But I knew I was wrong, and I sent a telepathic message for help.
LASTWOODSMANScratch Built Curtiss PusherParked04-Feb-17 18:19
Views : 107
LASTWOODSMANScratch Built Curtiss PusherParked04-Feb-17 18:19
Views : 83
LASTWOODSMANScratch Built Curtiss PusherParked04-Feb-17 18:17
Views : 89
LASTWOODSMANScratch Built Curtiss PusherParked04-Feb-17 18:16
Views : 102
LASTWOODSMANScratch Built Curtiss PusherParked04-Feb-17 13:23
Views : 103
Iso view of both.
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