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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
raylScratch Built Grumman J2F DuckReference19-Feb-18 10:41
Views : 56
DD: Although this is B&W, you can see how scruffy the O.D. got with a little exposure.
raylScratch Built Grumman J2F DuckReference13-Feb-18 09:33
Views : 92
DD and all: Thes are photos taken, leterally seconds apart, (by me) at a local airshow. I used to drag them out at Plastic Model contests to illustrate the fact the Olive Drab can be a chameleon depending on your vantage point. That said, I wouldn't stress to much about the "perfect" O.D. paint job.
raylScratch Built Grumman J2F DuckReference05-Dec-17 09:36
Views : 76
This what is left of the Cub after the combine ran over it. Amazingly, the electronics still work, so will have to built another small foamie to fit them in. Phoenix shall raise. BTW; We had our first mini-blizzard last night do building season is approching.
raylScratch Built Loening OL-8 AmphibianParked28-Sep-17 00:05
Views : 108
Painting Uwe Fiest of my Loening! From collection of the SDASM.
raylScratch Built Loening OL-8 AmphibianReference07-Aug-17 07:21
Views : 112
On a lighter note: This guy has been the welcoming sight to greet everyone here in Spencer, IA since 2009. He is at the south end of the entrance to "Historical Downtown Spencer" right on Hwy 71. CAn't believe that I haven't posted this before.
raylScratch Built Loening OL-8 AmphibianReference07-Aug-17 07:18
Views : 138
Somewhere in this 600 acre field is my 32" RC piper cub. Lost it when the batteries fell out of my Xmttr. This field also has eaten a friend's 36 inch foamy Mustang.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
raylScratch Built Grumman J2F DuckReference08-Mar-17 15:14
Views : 118
Painted with DD's favorite acrylic paints. Speaking of David: Where the heck Ya been???
raylScratch Built Grumman J2F DuckReference08-Mar-17 15:12
Views : 89
I'm beginning to like thse foamie thingys. One week ago it was a pile of Dollar Tree Foam board. Wanted to give it a fligh today, but we have 30-50 MPH gusts here. Wanted to do floats but didn't have enough music wire for all the struts.
raylScratch Built Grumman J2F DuckReference26-Feb-17 20:40
Views : 144
Does this get anyone's attention? Restoration at the Massey Aerodrome in Massey,MD.
raylScratch Built Grumman J2F DuckReference26-Feb-17 20:22
Views : 116
Now that's a nice Foamie Model 18 Mark:-)
raylScratch Built Loening OL-8 AmphibianReference16-Feb-17 14:50
Views : 206
14 days to get to this point. Working with foam is something different; very soft and prone to dings. Even from fingernails. Made the Stars & Bars and "slime lights" on my printer. Tail coes are from some vinyl letter sheets and completely bogus. Still awaiting the arrival of the EDF from China.
raylScratch Built Loening OL-8 AmphibianParked10-Feb-17 19:56
Views : 148
Phoamy Phantom sealed, primed and ready for a SEA camo paint job. It weighs 13 3/4 oz in it current state. Still waiting for the ducted fan to clear The Donald's customs.
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