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hjlittmanGuillows Series 300 - Cessna 150Parked01-Feb-17 18:28
Views : 121
I finally got my Cessna150 together. It's not one of my better efforts, but it's done and it flies. It is a straight out-of-the-box build except for the removable nose and the locating pins for the wings. Now, here is a comment on the quality of the current Guillow's weighs 48 grams! While not contest material, at that weight (It would be no trouble to get 10 grams out of it.), with that much wing area it is a more than adequate sport flier on four strands of 1/8" tan sport rubber, about 1-1/2 times the hook to peg length. That's quite an improvement over the die-cut days, the last 300 series model I built out-of-the-box weighed 78 grams ready to fly. Don't get me wrong, the old one flew, but not as well as this one. Interestingly enough, with enough ballast in the nose to fly well (8 bb shot) it still doesn't have enough weight in the nose to sit on the nose gear...curious. I had a minor disaster when I used a new paint pen to draw the door outlines on the fuselage. The line bled badly on the floral spray painted tissue. It looked terrible! The paint in the pen is waterproof and I was about to respray the fuselage when it occurred to me that the paint might no be alcohol proof.. Sure enough, 91% alcohol and some Q-tips took the paint right off. Unfortunately, it also took off some of the floral spray leaving a smudged outline where the bad door outline had been. I still had to re-spray the side of the fuselage but I already had markings and windows in place so I had to mask. This is where I first used Frog Tape For Delicate Surfaces. It worked beautifully and did not damage the tissue or painted surfaces at all. I would have normally used air brush frisket, but I had no spray bleeding at all with the Frog Tape. It's something I'll be using from now on. (No, that was simply a tip, not a paid commercial!) Unfortunately, the real Cessna 150 this was modeled after was written off in a hard landing accident a few years back.
hjlittmanHJL Models Wright Amount of WrongParked31-Jan-17 15:29
Views : 136
Finally! The production version of the Wright Amount of Wrong Embryo. Available on my web site 02/02/17. Yes, there are Wheel pants in the kit.
hjlittmanGuillows Series 300 - Cessna 150Build08-Dec-16 14:44
Views : 110
This is as far as I got with it by last night. I should have the time to finish iton Saturday, and maybe fly on Sunday.
hjlittmanGuillows Series 300 - Cessna 150Build07-Dec-16 19:35
Views : 147
The tissue went on the fuselage, more or less, as intended. Since the real airplane that inspired this had (It was written off in a "hard landing" in 2014.) a bare aluminum fuselage I will spray the fuselage with gloss sliver floral spray.
hjlittmanGuillows Series 300 - Cessna 150Build07-Dec-16 19:32
Views : 117
Now I'm one of those showoffs that likes to wet cover half of a curved fuselage with one piece of tissue. Not easy to do with this one because the landing gear wires are sticking out and the cabin sticks up in the middle. I decided to cover with four pieces, the bottom between the landing gear legs, the sides to the center line and the top of the cabin.
hjlittmanGuillows Series 300 - Cessna 150Build07-Dec-16 19:29
Views : 144
The tops of the wings are also covered with one piece of tissue each, and advantage of covering wet. In this picture the parts are dry and trimmed but the Krylon has not been sprayed on.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
hjlittmanGuillows Series 300 - Cessna 150Build07-Dec-16 19:27
Views : 115
I cover the bottoms of the wings first, being careful to use glue on the strut pockets where I will cut the tissue to insert the struts when the model is assembled
hjlittmanGuillows Series 300 - Cessna 150Build07-Dec-16 19:25
Views : 111
Sometimes I have to take a break from designing my own models so I got back to the Cessna 150. Nice thing about a Guillow's kit is that you have a structure strong enough to cover wet. I cover one side, let it dry, trim with sandpaper and cover the other side
hjlittmanHJL Models BostillationBuild15-Nov-16 21:45
Views : 91
All my new box fuelage designs have an almost self-aligning design that uses laser cut parts and some aligning tools that are part of the kit. The evaluation kits that I sent out have gotten good reviews and they are starting to sell. Of course, I really expect things will get interesting when I finally get the P-6E into kit.
hjlittmanHJL Models Wright Amount of WrongParked15-Nov-16 21:41
Views : 94
Not that I haven't been busy with other designs. This is a biplane Embryo called the Wright Amount of Wrong. After all, who builds biplane Embryos? It will be a little different when it goes into kit. This is the second prototype and had a few kinks. Should be flying the production version just after Thanksgiving.
hjlittmanHJL Models BostillationParked15-Nov-16 21:37
Views : 96
Last year I designed what I thought looked like a proper Bostillation.Turned out to be so popular that I put it into kit this year. The Irish Jumping Bean will be in kit before the end of the year also. I have another Bostonian design up my sleeve, but I'll surprise you with that.
hjlittmanHJL Models Irish Jumping BeanParked15-Nov-16 21:29
Views : 78
A couple of years ago I designed a Bostonian that I called the Irish Jumping Bean. Because it had threetails people were suggesting that it be called the Bostillation, I thought about it and decided that it didn'
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