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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
Luke WarMegatech LZ-129 HindenburgReference13-Jul-11 13:37
Views : 437
Just thought I'd say hello to everyone here since I've been busy with Army, work and personal stuff. Hope you're all doing well and keep up the great builds! Shot this of one of my unit's birds performing a maintenance test flight early one morning.
Luke WarMegatech LZ-129 HindenburgReference08-Aug-10 14:05
Views : 550
Hey all...just wanted to say hello from Ft. Eustis, VA. This is the first chance I've had to stop by the site in awhile. Made it through Army basic training, now Im learning to repair these big beautifully-ugly birds! Cant wait to get back to the balsa though. I think checking up on the site here will help take the edge off until I get home. You guys have been up to some AWESOME builds as usual...keep up the good work!
Luke WarMegatech LZ-129 HindenburgBuild15-Feb-10 08:38
Views : 818
Luke WarMegatech LZ-129 HindenburgBuild22-Jan-10 19:43
Views : 769
Got the rear half done and had to test fit the halves together just to see. Without nose or tail cones the Zep is roughly twice as long as a Guillow's 400-series Mustang!
Luke WarMegatech LZ-129 HindenburgFlying08-Jan-10 14:49
Views : 622
Since everyone was showing off their beautiful sunset photos I thought I'd submit this one I took today. It's a perfect example of a stunning northern-Ohio sunset in the winter. ;)
Luke WarMegatech LZ-129 HindenburgBuild06-Jan-10 20:41
Views : 698
Front half framing completed, next to Flying Pancake for reference.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
Luke WarMegatech LZ-129 HindenburgBuild06-Jan-10 20:40
Views : 755
Thank God for CA glue.
Luke WarMegatech LZ-129 HindenburgBuild04-Jan-10 21:54
Views : 676
starting on the other side...using broken 1/8" balsa to align formers.
Luke WarMegatech LZ-129 HindenburgBuild04-Jan-10 21:53
Views : 675
One quarter of the main body done...
Luke WarMegatech LZ-129 HindenburgBuild28-Dec-09 01:42
Views : 713
Let the games begin...
Luke WarMegatech LZ-129 HindenburgBuild28-Dec-09 01:41
Views : 617
Nose and tail cones, control cockpit and engine compartment halves (4 engines total). I think I'm going to try and cast all these parts using DD's instructions.
Luke WarMegatech LZ-129 HindenburgBuild28-Dec-09 01:37
Views : 695
Good wood, not much to it.
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