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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
AndersGWS Pico StickParked31-Aug-16 18:24
Views : 169
I know this is not an gws pico stick, but i want tho share with you the great moment this is. a nuber of rifles has been acceped for (insert better word here) normal people to buy and use. the one hanging here is a 700 dolllar replica...... and yes, i have a pico stick ( picks soon). btw. the rumpler will hang here, work and flying has taken most of the time lately...
AndersGWS Pico StickFlying27-Aug-16 15:13
Views : 181
Great planes SE5a. now in the progress of getting new cowering
AndersGWS Pico StickFlying27-Aug-16 15:12
Views : 205
Just here to let you know im still here :)
jurGWS Pico StickFlying06-Apr-06 20:50
Views : 1620
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
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