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kudzuGuillows Series 1000 - F4U CorsairBuild26-Apr-10 07:41
Views : 882
Built the right wing the same way I did the left wing.
kudzuGuillows Series 1000 - F4U CorsairBuild17-Apr-10 05:57
Views : 936
This week I got the left wing framed up kind of to plan. I used a 3/8 square stock balsa to shape a curved movable surface so that I would have a more realistic Aileron seam. I did away with MA4, by aligning the inside curve to the MA4 on plan and built outward from that point. I notched F8, F9, F10, F11, and MA3 to fit over the 3/8 stock. The outside curve became MA2 after fitting and trimming to the same location on the plan layout as MA2. The back third of MA4 was to be the front part of the Flap, however like the center wing it was a little too short. So, I remade MA4 Flap to match MA3. Also added a few supports to the 3/8 stock and the wing tip. The Trim Tabs are very small so I will cut them out and add them at finial shaping. The stringers will be add latter when I dry fit and do the rough shaping. I will start the right wing this week so if any wants more pictures during the build or anything let me know, sorry for this long description.
kudzuGuillows Series 1000 - F4U CorsairBuild11-Apr-10 18:11
Views : 885
Center wing and flaps framed up almost to plan -- I give a BIG THANKS to Mr. David Duckett and his post dated 2-29-08 he saved me lots of time by not having to learn that on my own --I remade part # MA1 to match the height and shape of part number # MS2 also a remade the flap pieces by making them just a little taller --I still have to do the stringers and some shaping of the leading and trailing edges but I’m going to take another tip I got from one of David’s post and shape them after the build--Sorry I do not remember what post that I got it from David , however thanks to you and all the great builders on here.
kudzuGuillows Series 1000 - F4U CorsairBuild04-Apr-10 17:16
Views : 877
Fuselage framed per plan - stringers to be added later. The sheets marked “A” where laser cut (I think you can see some of those pieces in the photo), the rest where die-cut very nicely, however one sheet there is no hope of saving due to it being die-crushed. All in all very happy with the kit and the wood, first time I ever had any laser cut parts and let me say “I’m loving it!!!!”
kudzuGuillows Series 1000 - F4U CorsairBuild28-Mar-10 14:10
Views : 864
After spending many hours reading about the Corsair in books and on the internet. I have found that MOST versions where upgrades to older models. So in honor of the Johnny Cash song “One Piece at a Time” I’m going to build me a 1942, 43, 44, 45,…..Automobile…..ER….Airplane
kudzuGuillows Series 1000 - F4U CorsairBuild21-Mar-10 17:08
Views : 838
Like everything it all begins with a little Inspiration, Research, and Planning--I’ll let you decide what was the inspiration
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
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