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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
MitchScratch Built Fokker D.VIIIParked10-Sep-12 09:48
Views : 426
All the struts were made from 2 laminated wood coffee stir sticks
MitchScratch Built Fokker D.VIIIParked10-Sep-12 09:45
Views : 359
Also did a little extra work on the vac-u-form engine
MitchScratch Built Fokker D.VIIIParked09-Sep-12 22:45
Views : 442
MitchScratch Built Fokker D.VIIIParked09-Sep-12 15:05
Views : 332
This started as Guillow kit 204, Die cut, I lengthened the fuselage, redrrew the wing and rudder. It has a ws of 25 inches.
CPNScratch Built Fokker D.VIIIParked06-Oct-10 00:36
Views : 578
I added the machine guns.
CPNScratch Built Fokker D.VIIIParked06-Oct-10 00:36
Views : 500
Next I am going to paint the prop to simulate laminated wood construction. I have a set of 1" diameter WWI style wheels in the mail from Shorty's Basement that will be added as soon as they arrive.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
CPNScratch Built Fokker D.VIIIParked06-Oct-10 00:34
Views : 511
This photo brings out all the dust that was on it. Shame on me for not cleaning it up before I took its picture.
CPNScratch Built Fokker D.VIIIParked04-Oct-10 23:18
Views : 505
Nest step is to add machine guns and a pilot. I will fly this if all this southern California rain we're having translates into some tall, soft grass. I am not going to hold my breath though.
CPNScratch Built Fokker D.VIIIParked04-Oct-10 23:17
Views : 469
I had to use three types of tissue on this stinker - domestic on the bottom of the wings, esaki on the tail feathers and silkspan everywhere else. For some reason, I could not get anyother kind of tissue to agree with this thing but the silkspan. Everything forward of the tail is sealed with two coats of flat clear dope. The red is airbrushed "italian red" acrylic and the white tail is designmaster floral paint.
CPNScratch Built Fokker D.VIIIParked04-Oct-10 23:14
Views : 527
Not scratch built, but a Sterling peanut scale. This was one of the harder builds I have done. Printwood, peanut and paraspol - the three p's of frustration.
John CooperScratch Built Fokker D.VIIIParked24-Dec-09 15:31
Views : 802
The DVIII joins its Peanut squadron mates to form a Christmas Tree. MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays!
John CooperScratch Built Fokker D.VIIIParked24-Dec-09 15:25
Views : 886
After repairs the model came in at 9.6g, without rubber.
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