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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
SteveMRay Models Ryan FR-1 FireballBuild21-Apr-08 22:08
Views : 656
Abby, this page is one the back of the sheets that DD sent me for the FR-1. If it would be helpful to you I can scan it or mail you a photocopy.
SteveMRay Models Ryan FR-1 FireballBuild06-Apr-08 16:42
Views : 784
Initially in FF3b5 and IE7 I wasn't seeing the arrow. But after trying several times it finally showed up and worked fine after that. What an experience!
SteveMRay Models Ryan FR-1 FireballBuild05-Apr-08 00:59
Views : 634
The die cut wood was more challenging to duplicate but I think I did ok.
SteveMRay Models Ryan FR-1 FireballBuild04-Apr-08 13:29
Views : 672
Copying the printwood formers is the easy part.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
Page (1 in total) : [ 1 ]